About Us

elliptical networking was founded in Chico, California by Graham Skinner. Its purpose is to fill the void felt by many individuals and organizations who are either looking to grow organically, improve their client satisfaction or create a more desirable work/life balance.

The name, elliptical networking, evolved from two distinct but amazingly relevant concepts. (1) The pattern transcribed by moons orbiting their planets (an ellipse) is much the same as the way businesses orbit one another. Each business is essentially a planet orbited by others and, at the same time, is a moon of other businesses. Being able to create new orbits and attract others to ours builds sustainability. (2) When California State University, Chico built their new student fitness center, several of the elliptical exercise machines were wired such that energy created was returned to the university's power grid. This idea of providing an unrelated benefit seemed analogous to a business growing by simply performing its chartered purpose.

elliptical networking was built entirely on relationships. The ideas conceived, legal organization, logo design, website, printed materials, computer systems and marketing were all achieved through relationships previously developed. We continue to be guided by a Board of Advisors comprising clients, suppliers and associates.

Meet the Founder

Graham Skinner has a long history of coaching and developing business relationships. Throughout his time as an entertainment industry executive in the 1980s, his experience as a management consultant, and his career as a financial planner he focused on building business through referrals and spent much of his time coaching other business owners. As a sales leader he taught referral methods to other financial professionals; and as a Director with BNI, the leading referral organization in the world, he established numerous networking groups and coached hundreds of business owners in advanced networking techniques.

Graham's interest in how the brain works, particularly in the areas of decision making and inter-personal relationship, led to a personal study program in psychology and neuroscience. He is a Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. In addition to his private coaching clients, Graham continues to work with other business owners and sales professionals through his facilitation of Richard Paris Borough's Master-Mind Alliance© group coaching program which features the DONE Business Solution©.

graham skinner, business & life coach
Email: graham@ellipticalnetworking.com

Staff, Associates, & Consultants

elliptical is supported by a dedicated staff, associates and consultants. Our industry specific consultants have expertise in areas that include financial services, manufacturing, data processing, marketing and operations. Our technical consultants include professionals specializing in leadership, psychology and neuroscience.